Oct 04 2014

Day 83: Burton Trip

So I had a proper trip with Lauren today. We drove to Burton, had some noodles in a new noodle bar, did some shopping and we were very embarrassing. Lauren’s mate told her about this new noodle bar so food was top of the list for today’s trip. It was surprisingly nice considering it looked …

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Sep 20 2014

Day 82: Lazy Day

I’ve adopted a new critter. I’d like everyone to meet SJ. I’m still remaining hopeful that Simba will find his way home to me one day and I still continue to share his image all over social media. But lately I miss him so much, my Timehop is filled with him and my heart breaks …

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Sep 13 2014

Day 81: Road Trip!

Today it was road trip day. I drove to Rugby to pick up my brother and chauffeured him back to Tamworth, where he got pissed with our other brother watching football. I was prepared. I knew I would want a break from driving so packed my DS incase I happened to get any Streetpasses. My …

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Aug 31 2014

Daily Prompt: The Mirror Crack’d

Daily Prompt: The Mirror Crack’d – You wake up one morning to a world without mirrors. How does your life — from your everyday routines to your perception of yourself — change? If I woke up with no mirrors in the world, im not sure what I would do, I guess I would always look …

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Aug 31 2014

Day 80: Zombies and a Snack

So now the pressure is off since passing my driving test, I can relax a little more so today I made plans with mr rust to bust up some zombies. We nearly had to declare some sort of state of emergency when I couldn’t find my disc for Call of Duty: Black Ops. It was …

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Aug 30 2014


Ive jumped on the bandwagon of bloglovin. Feel free to follow me on there! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Aug 29 2014

Day 79: Test Day

So day 79 test day came around pretty quick. I had a few lessons with Mel and felt very confident and positive about it this time around. It helped that there were some very positive people in the house too. Everyone was so supportive, caring and understanding about everything. As Mel drove me closer to …

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Aug 26 2014

Day 78: Round 2

Today I’ve started round two of my driving test. I’ve come back to Blackpool to take my test, I’m back at The L Factor, feeling more confident, more capable and I need to finish it where I started! There seems to be a good group of people here at the moment, all of which are …

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