Jan 22 2015

Day 22: Interview day!

Day 22, it’s the day of the interview and I’m dreading it! It’s been over 2 years since I’ve had to go through this! It started off ok today, I was supposed to take my mom to a hospital appointment but she decided to rearrange it instead. Allan brought Ruby round as it was his …

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Jan 21 2015

Day 21: I got a call back!

Day 21: I was originally going to try and go to Blackpool again today. But as I was about to jump on the motorway I got a txt saying somebody couldn’t make it so instead I turned around and brought home a McDonald’s breakfast for me and mother! I spent all morning jobs searching and …

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Jan 20 2015

Day 20: Back to the Diaries!

Day 20 I had planned a trip to visit my driving mentors in Blackpool. I woke up early so I could set off and try and avoid rush hour traffic. Took my meds and got myself all sorted, got my satnav prepared and my ipod for music. Stepped outside… Ah there’s a car blockong me …

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Jan 19 2015

Day 19: Mother time!

Day 19, I finally dragged myself to have a trim today. Can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 weeks since I’ve had my hair chopped. I’ve felt like a right gypo! I spent the day with mom today. We headed into town where we parted whilst she payed off the funeral directors and I had my …

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Jan 18 2015

Day 18: Fuck you GTA!

Day 18, started off like a regular Sunday, relaxing and gaming. Played through some GTA and got to the part where Trevor arrives in Los Santos, then hijacks Wade’s cousins flat. I was shocked to find this on the wall in the flat. The last thing I wanted on day 2 of my holiday was …

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Jan 17 2015

Day 17: Car Wash Saturday

Day 17, my first day away from work! I was hoping for a lazy day but we had a bit if a break in the weather so I decided to give Bruno a bath and vac, it was an excuse to use my new toy really. I brought a brush that attaches to the hosepipe …

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Jan 16 2015

Day 16: Mocha Mocha Mocha

Day 16, it’s Friday and at 5pm today I have 9 days away from work, 9 days to chill out and relax! I need all the supplies I can get to get me through the day as I know it’s going to drag. Something strange happened this morning, I woke up to numerous messages from …

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Jan 15 2015

Day 15: Couldn’t genuinely care less!

Day 15: My friend posted this image and it pretty much summed my day up, actually the past week is more realistic. I’ve separated myself from all the bullshit and gossiping and I’m trying to just get on with my own life. I’m at the point where somebody will ask if they should do this …

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